Choosing a Property

We have over two hundred properties so it really helps us to narrow down your options if you know how many people you will be living with, where you want to be living, and have a budget for how much you want to spend. We would strongly recommend that as many of the tenants as possible see the property before you attempt to sign for a house, to make sure that everyone is happy with it.

When you do sign, we require all of the deposit and administration fees to be paid when we are drawing up the contract. For the majority of our student properties the deposit is £200, but this is not always the case. The administration fee is always £65 per tenant.

Please ensure you take your time over the contract – you cannot leave the office with it but do make sure you read it thoroughly as you will be agreeing to a legal document. Leaving a house once you’ve signed can potentially be a drawn-out and painful process, and while changes of circumstances mean that this cannot always be avoided, it’s important to be sure you want to agree to the contract. The property has not been guaranteed for you until the contract has been signed.

Most of all – don’t panic. Although the best deals often go very quickly after the start of advertising in November, there are always houses available until and throughout the summer, so there’s no point in signing for something you’re going to be unhappy with.