What are your office opening hours?

Our office is open from 10am until 3pm Monday to Friday.

Looking for a property

Should my group sign for an all-inclusive house?

All-inclusive properties are often useful for tenants who are perhaps living in their own place for the first time, and want the stress of organising and paying bills to be taken away. It is more expensive to go all-inclusive than to do the bills yourself, as you are paying for the stress to be taken away, but they sometimes include perks such as Sky TV – if this is included it will say so in the advertising for the property.

The property does not seem well looked after by previous tenants, should I sign for it?

We encourage prospective tenants to look past the dirtiness and any mess in the property during the viewings. However, you are signing for the property ‘as is’ unless the contract states otherwise, so while we attempt to ensure all properties are cleaned when new tenants move in, we can not guarantee things like painting, refurbishment or replacement of furniture.

I have reported a repair via e-mail for my property, how long will it take for the work to be done?

If the work in question is not an emergency repair, it may need to be checked with the landlord to make sure that he wishes for the work to go ahead. As soon as we get the go-ahead for the work we will organise it when possible.

I want to change utility providers for my property, is this OK?

You will need to request this in writing to us so we can forward the request to the landlord. The easiest way is to e-mail us at info@taptonestates.co.uk – it’s normally fine but we still need to check.

Can I come and pick up my keys?

In order to pick up keys from our office, we require the first month’s rent from all tenants to be cleared in our account, everyone to have signed the same copy of the contract, and all guarantor forms to have been returned.

The first person to pick up keys needs to book an appointment with us, the rest can come anytime after this appointment during our working hours.

Who pays the utility bills?

The tenant(s) are responsible for all utility bills from the day the tenancy starts (regardless of when you actually moved in), until the day the tenancy finishes (regardless of when you move out). You should take meter readings at the start of your tenancy and advise the utility companies of all named tenants details to allow everybody to share the liability and responsibility and aid the resolution of any issues that may arise and the efficient closing of the accounts at the end. Some properties provided by Tapton Estates do include some bills, if there are any bills included in your rent it is clearly stated in your contract.

Who pays Council Tax?

The tenant(s) is to pay all bills including Council Tax, however if you are a student in full time education you are usually exempt. If anybody in the house is not a student or loses their exemption due to finishing or dropping out then the whole house loses its exemption and council tax becomes payable. There may be discounts available so contact Sheffield City Council for advice.

Lost Keys

Due to security reasons we will change the locks when a key is lost, regardless of where it is lost. Security locks/keys can be very expensive to so we recommend adding key insurance to your contents insurance as a security lock change starts at £150.00.


The putting out and bringing in of your black and blue bin is the responsibility of the tenant(s). It must be put and returned as per council guide lines. It must also be fully closed with no additional bags or boxes as these will not be taken. We advise starting to throw away unwanted items at least 1 month prior to you vacating. If your bin is lost or stolen you will need to contact the Council directly.

Deposit Return

£15 for a lightbulb? Little bit steep, isn’t it?

Yes it is – therefore it is well worth replacing any light bulbs before the Walk Out inspection to avoid this charge. The charge covers the cost of a call-out for a contractor to do the work, which isn’t usually cheap.

Why are the deductions from my deposit large?

The amounts given on the Walk Out sheet are estimates and subject to change – the actual cost of the work will usually come in at less, and tenants will only have to pay the actual cost. It’s always much cheaper to organise things yourself before the Walk Out inspection, please check with us for confirmation if you wish to do this.

How do I claim my deposit back?

All deposits are held by the Deposit Protection Service (DPS). The head tenant will have been sent a Deposit ID and Repayment ID to their next of kin address – these can be used to log on to the DPS website and claim back the amount of the deposit agreed at the Walk Out inspection. These IDs can also be used to check the status of the deposit and the terms and conditions of the DPS.