Keeping your deposit safe

Below we list a few key reasons that people lose out on deposit returns, and how to avoid them. It’s best to look at these as you are moving in, so you can avoid making any common mistakes:-


We ask that all properties are returned to us to a professional standard of cleanliness. If this is not the case you are liable to be charged. We estimate that a full house clean can take up to a whole week – it includes cleaning skirting boards, all surfaces, hoovering and removing any stains from carpets.

TIP: If you are in doubt about this, we would recommend getting a professional cleaner in yourselves to clean the property. This will usually be much cheaper than us arranging for an emergency cleaner when you leave the property, and you may be able to get some sort of guarantee for passing our inspection from then in advance of the job.

Blue Tack Marks

It says in your contract that posters are not to be put up in bedrooms as the marks from blue tack/white tack/pins can cause damage to the walls. If there are marks on the walls, you will need to re-paint the whole wall to avoid a potential charge.

TIP: Avoid patch painting as this will not be satisfactory, and also check the correct paint colour to use with us beforehand – we should be able to recommend one that will be fine to use.


Making sure you complete the inventory in as much detail as possible can really help to clear up any issues, having a copy of this and copies of your photos can help to create a quick resolution to any issues.

TIP: Take as many photos as you feel necessary but make sure you send us a copy along with the inventory when you return it.

Rubbish Removal

All tenants belongings must be removed from the property prior to the Walk Out Inspection and the bins must be empty. If this is not the case, you are potentially liable to a waste removal charge.

TIP: You can pick up red sacks from the University which can be used to dispose of any extra waste at the time of the final bin collection during the tenancy.

Defrosting the Freezer

The freezer must be fully defrosted prior to the Walk Out, and all food removed.

TIP: Do this as far in advance as possible, and make sure not to allow water to go onto any laminate flooring as this can potentially cause major damage.

This is just a list of common deductions from deposits, it is not an exhaustive list and we would recommend that if you have any doubts you ask us well in advance of leaving the property.